About Us

We are baby boomers that have owned horses since the 1990s.  We imported and raised Icelandic horses during those years and enjoyed our miniature horses too.  As we have gotten older we find that we enjoy miniature horses.  Our farm is located near West Lafayette, IN, home of Purdue University.  

It is an exciting adventure working with miniature horses.  We are striving to breed correct replicas of full size horses with great temperaments.  Our horses are  AMHA and AMHR registered.  We continue to add new and respected bloodlines to our breeding program to try to improve the genetic strengths of the miniature breed.  Our mares were selected for attributes we want to reproduce, such as "A" size, friendly disposition, with good conformation & athletic ability.  

Our farm is small and we are breeding only a few mares each season.   Our horses are handled daily.  They are turned out for a few hours every morning and brought in to spend the afternoon in paddocks before receiving their hay in the evening.  They are all vaccinated and wormed on a regular basis and get good hoof and dental care.
We would love to have you visit our farm and meet our horses.  Our prices are reasonable.  We want you to find the perfect show horse, breeding horse or pet.  
Don't hesitate to contact us.  We welcome your visit.
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